Mona has done a certificate course in professional Reiki and is a qualified Grand Master along with specialisation in Angel Healing. She was a lecturer and content writer for more than half of a decade. Finally she realised that getting connected to universe is a much beautiful and pious thing.
Presently, she is seeking an entry into expanding her knowledge in service industry which would benefit people who are looking for healing remote and acute disorders by stimulating body's regenerative energy and channelize into productive outcomes.
The sole purpose of her sessions are to propagate and promote Chakra balancing, aura cleansing,soul detoxification, getting relief from stress, anxiety, insomnia etc for inner peace and establishing a deep connect with Angels. Since, life has a lot of kinds of intoxicate which creates an imbalance hence a spiritual detoxification is imperative for harmonious existence.

Personal Achievements: At her personal level, Mona has one of the finest communication skills and a pleasing personality- with lot of patience and perseverance. She loves travelling, reading, gardening and photography. ~At the personal front, she is a dynamic wife and a mother to a 4 year son. She has excellent time management experience which has assisted her to accomplish her feats.

Mona Verma