Aura Cleansing

An “aura” is a rainbow-like, kaleidoscopic, electromagnetic field of energy that pulses around the physical body and is attuned to our emotions, health and external circumstances. It is a technicolor dream coat of many layers: the etheric body, astral body, mental body, higher mental body, spiritual body and the casual body, each of which together give the impression of a blending together of colors and light around the skin and is, essentially, an extension of the physical self.

Each of us have auric fields that interact with one another, which explains why we sometimes get those inexplicable gut feelings—such as when we say “I have a really bad feeling about this”. This is our aura doing its job. Our auras can be drained of their potential by a plethora of people and situations: toxic relationships, unfulfilling jobs, family problems, and the every day experiences of twenty-first century life.